[tex-live] New installer GUI

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Nov 19 15:41:31 CET 2018

Siep Kroonenberg wrote:
> For the 2019 release of TeX Live we intend to provide a new GUI
> front-end for the installer. By now, it could benefit from wider
> testing.
> Just add a parameter '-gui tcl' to install-tl or to
> install-tl-windows[.bat] and you shall see the new GUI rather than
> one of the old ones.
Splendid (and much welcomed) news, Siep.  But one question, if I may ?  When you say "Just add a parameter '-gui tcl' ", presumably you are speaking of adding this parameter to the TeX Live 2018 installer, since (as far as I know) the 2019 version is as yet unannounced.  And can the parameter also be added to install-tl-advanced, which is my installer of choice ?

Incidentally, in order to remind myself where I had installed TeX Live 2018, I typed "kpsewhich xetex.exe"; kpsewhich returned nothing, not even with the addition of "-must-exist".  I finally had to ask it to search for "x.tex", since I had no idea which files it might (or might not) be able to find.
Philip Taylor

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