[tex-live] xetex segfault in "TeX Live 2019/dev/Debian"?

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sat Nov 17 11:40:24 CET 2018

Hi Ulrike,

> I'm not sure. In the comments it sounds as if it breaks also on the
> terminal, but not for every file. Some unknown file seemed to work,

Mumumu, not very helpful without an actual test case.

> But if he really mixed binaries from different version than probably
> nothing can be done anyway. 

Yes, that is what I expect.

> Btw: The segfault is at the place where on windows I would expect
> the recreation of the font cache (if xetex detects new fonts).   

There is another item, that was fixed like 2 days after the first
release by uploading a new version of texlive-bin: luatex 1.09
from current svn is just borked wrt to context (or the other way round,
hard to say, anyway, luatex breaks backwards compatibility from 
1.07 to 1.09, which is IMNSHO a really stupid thing). I uploaded 
a new version of texlive-binaries that reverts to 1.07 of luatex,
so it *might* be that there something involved with luatex, but
since it is a *xetex* issue, that sounds more like a stupid theory than



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