[tex-live] adding extractpdfmark to TeXLive

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Fri Nov 16 23:22:00 CET 2018

> Hi Werner,
>       https://ctan.org/pkg/extractpdfmark
> I considered this when it came in, but it requires compilation. I'm
> not enthused.  Since it already uses automake, it probably would not
> be hard to adapt into TL, but everything takes time.


> If you or anyone else would like to look into it and send me a patch
> including it, that would be nice.

I've CCed the author :-) As a template, can you point to a commit in
the SVN that integrates a similar package into TeXLive?  I agree that
it shouldn't be too hard since it doesn't have complicated

> Otherwise, maybe I'll get around to doing it eventually.  (It also
> seems plausible for distros to provide it.)

Indeed, but TeXLive already contains some useful tools for PS and PDF
manipulation, so I think it would be useful addition.


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