[tex-live] Query about 'tar' and some windows/linux scripts

Pablo Alfonso González Luengo pablgonz at educarchile.cl
Fri Nov 16 02:25:22 CET 2018

> The tar on Win10 is useless. Our code at some point actually preferred
> the shipped tar, but that ended in tears. It is a bare bone boring
> bsdtar that does not support the necessary options.
> And even if, we still need to install tar since we might install on Win7
> systems where there is no tar available.
You're right, after writing here review the comparative with GNU tar

> Summing up the scripts size is about less then one photo from your
> digital camera or mobile phone ... are you serious about stripping that
> down?
I really thought about using "sh" instead of using "perl" (or Lua) for
everything ...

> No, that is too much work just for the brain damaged Windows system to
> which we already have to dedicate a huge amount of special code.
You're right, it's too much work for just one system ...
> > b) "uninstall-win32.pl" script is necessary in linux? (in windows
> > perhaps the correct location would be /texlive/2018/tlpkg/installer)
I think I'm one of the few curious users who look "almost" at all
TeXLive directories ...

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