[tex-live] Query about 'tar' and some windows/linux scripts

Alois Steindl Alois.Steindl at tuwien.ac.at
Thu Nov 15 20:57:30 CET 2018


for me the reason of your question isn't really clear: How much space do 
you intend to save? If you sum up all possible deletions, it might be a 
few MB. Considering that currently a GB of hard disk space is available 
at less than 5 cent, you might be off far better by considering, which 
parts of TeXLive your really need. The whole installation fits on a DVD.

The second point is, that there are several versions of e.g. tar around 
and it could lead to strange problems, if for example the installers for 
TeX-Live require some option, which the system-tar doesn't accept. 
(Gnutar is a quite sophisticated version of tar.)

Kind regards



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