[tex-live] problem with texdoc

Pablo Alfonso González Luengo pablgonz at educarchile.cl
Sun Nov 11 18:35:46 CET 2018

> What do you expect if you type "texdoc 1234"?
Truthfully, I expected it to throw a "no-found-nothing" error or to show
me a list of names that contained "1234" ... it was just an example
> Recent versions of texdoc support fuzzy search and even return
> something if there is a typo in the search string.
This is new, I had not noticed
> What I absolutely don't understand is why every invocation provides a
> different result.  Yes, I can reproduce the behavior.
> BTW, there is a dedicated mailing list for texdoc
>   http://tug.org/mailman/listinfo/texdoc
> but AFAIK Takuto is listening here as well.
Nor had I noticed that "texdoc" had a list of its own (a thousand
In windows the situation is a bit different, besides showing different
files in
each call, if it is done with administrator privileges (using cmd) it
a "many windows open" error.
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