[tex-live] TeXLive behind proxy

Pascal Kiwitz pascal.kiwitz at outlook.com
Thu Feb 8 12:36:58 CET 2018

Dear all

How to properly use TeXLive behind a proxy?

I worked with TeXLive for many years and I'm introducing TeXLive in my new company. The company is using a proxy server.

I was able to install the TeXLive by adding the following lines of code to the install-tl-advanced.bat:

set http_proxy=

set https_proxy=

Unfortunately, I did not find a solution for using a proxy with the TeX Live Manager 2017. Neither for the LWP nor for the wget connection.

Could you tell where I have to add my proxy settings?

Would it be possible to include that as a setting in TeX Live Manager for a future release?

Thank you and best regards,

Dr. Pascal Kiwitz

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