[tex-live] 2017 sources

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jun 13 23:46:13 CEST 2017

    Hmmm ... what is dviinfox, it is not in texlive-20170524-source.tar.xz
    nor in texlive-20170520-source.tar.xz 

Those are the release tarballs. They won't change.

    but in texlive.tlpdb.xz

That's the trunk development.

    It seems that somwhow the snapshot point is a moving target ;?

Not at all. 

There are three basic choices:

1) use the source tarball or, equivalently, the 2017.0 tag. That's what
was released and what will be on the DVD.

2) use the branch2017 branch, which (in a day or two -> as soon as I
have time) will include three painful bugs in luatex which I felt were
critical enough to commit fixes for.  Meaning that most (not [yet] all)
of the builders have made new binaries with them. Those new binaries
are/have been distributed through our tlmgr as usual for native
TL installs.

The branch will not include dviinfox or anything else, just those bug
fixes. (if you want them now, before I update the branch, you can get
the updated files from the luatexdir/ dir from the trunk -- that is all
and only the critical fixes.)

3) the trunk is the trunk, of course.

This is the same situation as it's always been, it's just that it's been
quite a few years since we had the need for case 2). I guess 2017 is an
unlucky number.


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