[tex-live] New babel locale files

Javier Bezos listas at tex-tipografia.com
Fri Jun 9 17:52:52 CEST 2017


> I assume this is CTAN:macros/latex/required/babel/base/locale.zip
> aka TL:texmf-dist/doc/latex/babel/locale.zip.
> By the way, I see two spurious temp files in that zip,
> #babel-be.ini# and #babel-de-AT.ini#.

Oops. Emacs, you know. Thank you.

> What you have in the .tds.zip looks fine to me as far as the locale
> stuff goes.  But the .tds.zip has a separate problem:
> makeindex/babel/bbglo.ist and bbind.ist (from bbidxglo.dtx) are missing.
> Can you include those in the build? Then I could use the .tds.zip.

I'll fix it, as well as the rest of the problems.

> And one other question, just for information: who is maintaining all of
> these new files? You? The individual babel-* maintainers, who feed
> changes back to you? (The *.ini files have no bug-reporting information
> at all, nor does the README-locale explain.)

For the moment, I'm the maintainer. I'll continue developing babel
incrementally, and therefore I still need some control over the ini
files. They are auxiliary and won't replace the externally maintained 
language files (which, on the other hand, are just a few).

> In any case, it seems a step backward to return to having all this
> information in one centralized package. You say in the README they're
> essentially "finished" (except for the ones that aren't :), but it seems
> highly improbable to me that they will need no maintenance.

I meant version 1. I must point this out. Not only they will require
maintenance, but they will be expanded.


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