[tex-live] dvisvgm

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Mon Jun 5 11:12:38 CEST 2017

Hi Karl

> [snip] There's no way to have different
> per-platform man pages in TL.

I see.

One could imagine having the two man pages ready and
then a symlink decided at install time would resolve
between the two ?

similarly there could have been perhaps a dvisvgm1 and a
dvisvgm2 and at install time, the bin/dvisvgm would have been
symlinked to the correct one admissible for the platform ?

or even a dynamic check of glibc requirements deciding
which binary to symlink to at install time ?

(on platforms where compiling dvisvgm 2.1.3 is too problematic
both legacy and current could have been the same binary file)

> You can run strings dvisvgm | fgrep 2. to see a bunch of numbers,...

This works fine.

By the way, dvisvgm --version returns

dvisvgm (TeX Live) 1.15.1

with no mention of 2016 or 2017


dvipng --version has more output inclusive of
kpathsea version.

but does not say explicitely either whether 2016 or 2017

I understand I am asking for a priori redundant information
but as TeX Live has yearly releases it could be argued that
just having TeX Live in version string is not informative enough.

Some people have multiple TeXLive not all installed by themselves
(there was a time where there was system wide TL2004, TL2007,
all masked by my own TL2015 install)
and debugging problems can be easier where version information
is as complete as possible (without becoming too verbose, naturally)



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