[tex-live] tu-clash

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Feb 28 04:46:41 CET 2017

> Thomas E. and I did discuss it. At that time, the infrastructure (of
> making formats, automatic updates) was far less developed, not to
> say nonexistent, and the choice was not clear. Ultimately we decided
> that it would be better for users if "fmtutil" continued to be for
> user areas, and the new program, fmtutil-sys, would be for system
> areas, thus (we thought) putting the burden on people more able to
> handle it.
> As things have developed, that was the wrong decision, but it was an
> actual decision with some rationale, not just a random choice.
> I'm not sure if we can ameliorate the situation now.

Making a soft link from `fmtutil' to `fmtutil-user'?  Probably
updating the documentation accordingly?


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