[tex-live] tu-clash

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Mon Feb 27 02:56:05 CET 2017

 >|It's hard to believe that you need a 2.09 format to be honest.
 >|It would be simpler just to add any macros that need adding to a
 >|and use latex as normal. If the file really needed a 1980's tex
 >|then you'd need to pull out an archived tex tree from that date, but if
 >|it runs
 >|with a current texlive but just using a 2.09 format it's almost certainly
 >|to use standard latex and if there are any macros where the 2.09
 >|emulation isn't good
 >|enough, to over-ride them in latex209.cfg.

It's a 650-page book with rather complex use of fonts. It's
far easier to use latex209 than to try to do all that.

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