[tex-live] lwarp pacakge in TeXLive?

Brian Dunn bd at bdtechconcepts.com
Sun Feb 19 05:39:19 CET 2017


It's been a week since I uploaded the new lwarp pacakge to CTAN.  I
thought CTAN showed it as being in TeXLive a few days ago, but no
longer.  Is there anything I need to fix?

Also, there was one LuaTex utility program (lwarpmk) which
needs to be made executable.  I put a note to that effect in
README.txt.  Is there a better place to put that reminder?

(I expect to submit the lwarp article for TUGBoat any day now, as well.)


Brian Dunn
BD Tech Concepts LLC
bd at BDTechConcepts.com
(312) 301-4311


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