[tex-live] "tlmgr list" became unusable

jack tljack at forallx.net
Sun Dec 10 17:44:04 CET 2017

For years, "tlmgr list" would output a list of all packages and
collections, on one line each.  Those that were installed had their line
begin with an "i".

Today I needed "tlmgr list", and when I did it, I found that it now spits
out so much verbose information that it's unusuable.  For each item, it
displays the same thing that "tlmgr info [item]" would display.  I.e., the
whole record for it, "longdesc" and all.

I think this is breakage, and should be fixed.  The old output is useful
for quickly scanning for things.  Also, you can easily use it to get a
list of all your installed/uninstalled packages and collections.  (Just
grep for those that start with "i", and then sed out the colon and
everything after it.)

I can't imagine what the point of the new output is.  If one wanted to see
*all* of that, one would just examine the file "texlive.tlpd", or run
"tlmgr info" with no arguments.

Moreover, the new out put is severely slow, because the amount of
information to be processed and displayed is now so large.


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