[tex-live] texhash not updating ls-R-TEXLIVEDIST

gml at garymlewis.com gml at garymlewis.com
Fri Dec 8 14:58:52 CET 2017

Hi -

This problem started with a "ebgaramond.sty not found" error when 
running a tex file in TexMaker.

ebgaramond.sty does not appear in ls-R-TEXLIVEDIST. Running sudo texhash 
does not add the sty file.

Brief synopsis (reboots not identified):
1. Reinstalled OS (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)
2. Reinstalled complete texlive (as sudo).
3. Reinstalled TexMaker (as sudo).
4. Added /usr/local/texlive/2017/bin/x86_64-linux to $PATH in .bashrc.
5. Ran sudo texhash.
6. Ran myfile.tex in TexMaker. Same error: ebgaramond.sty not found.
7. grep -i "ebgaramond.sty" ls-R-TEXLIVEDIST returns nothing.
8. But, running pdflatex myfile.tex from the command line works fine 
(sty file is found).

Is this a known bug? If not, what other information can I provide now?


Gary Lewis

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