[tex-live] segfault on build-testing luatex

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Aug 7 15:09:45 CEST 2017

Dear luatex masters!

I am trying to hunt down a build failure on Debian. We are building
of the sources from svn 44572, which is practically the released
version of TL2017.

When building normally nothing happens, all works out well. But when
building using the Debian rules files I see an error on testing
in luaimage.test, namely at the first line:
	./luatex -ini luaimage || exit 1
The log file does not contain anything but:
	This is LuaTeX, Version 1.0.4 (TeX Live 2017/Debian)  (INITEX)
	 restricted system commands enabled.
	(../../../texk/web2c/tests/basic.tex Preloading the plain format: codes,
	registers, parameters, macros, math definitions, output routines, hyphenation))

	Beginning to dump on file luaimage.fmt
	 (format=luaimage 2017.8.7)
	2374 strings using 6763 bytes
	10085 memory locations dumped; current usage is 132&5003
	1335 multiletter control sequences
	0 preloaded fonts
	No pages of output.
	Transcript written on luaimage.log.
	Segmentation fault

Now the funny part is the "Segmentation fault" at the end ...which
is really a pain, because everything worked out properly.

I have put into the luaimage.test file a line `set' to see the
complete environment, and copied it. After some adaptions (see below)
and running it I get no errors and successful builds

The only things I changed are converting local path (../../../texk/web2c/luatexdir/)
to absoilute path (/home/norbert/.......). Nothing else.
And with this minuscule change I get a proper compilation.

So I am really completely surprised about what could go wrong, and
why luatex does not report any errors. Note that I also added
--debug-format to the failing luatex invocation, but there was no
change in output.

Does anyone have any idea how to debug this?

Why does luatex properly dump a format and then die?

Thanks for any suggestions!

(and please keep Cc)


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