[tex-live] Up to date TL 2016 available on Debian

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Apr 27 00:26:48 CEST 2017

Hi Denis,

> 1. by vanilla TL, I meant the one installed from the TeX Collection DVD
>   or the official `texlive2016.iso' file (available since 23-May-2016)
> 2. by "frozen for ever", I meant the previous one installed but updated
>   after a recent `tlmgr update --self --all' (with the message "TeX Live
>   2016 is frozen forever and will no longer be updated.  This happens in
>   preparation for a new release.").

Ok, in this case there is no DVD/iso version of what is in the frozen state.
The last tlnet dir is the only source, and is currently still on CTAN,
and will be later available on some archives.

> I'm not sure to understand: the latest packages available in testing
> and unstable are very close to 1. or to 2. above?

Very close to 2.
* updates of normal packages have stopped a bit earlier due to
  freeze of Debian pre-release
* binaries are more uptodate with many bugfixes backported into
  the Debian packages


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