[tex-live] TL'17 Pretest: texmf.cnf content on OS X

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Sun Apr 23 22:15:40 CEST 2017

On 23/04/2017 01:10, Norbert Preining wrote:
> Hi Joseph,
> others have answered, but although I was involved in these changes,
> I couldn't grasp the meaning from the emails immediately without
> much thinking, so here my version:
>>     TEXMFHOME = ~/Library/texmf
>>     TEXMFVAR = ~/Library/texlive/2016/texmf-var
>>     TEXMFCONFIG = ~/Library/texlive/2016/texmf-config
> The texlive/YYYY/texmf.cnf file is created by the normal installer
> when during installation some settings are changed from the default
> in the systemwide (texmf-dist/web2c/texmf.cnf) and contains only
> the changes, not the whole texmf.cnf.
> MacTeX usually installed the above changes to conform with Mac
> standards.
> Up to 2 days ago, the normal TeX Live installer did *not* do this
> automatically, but left it to the user to change these settings.
> 2 days ago (Mojca sent link) after some discussion we decided to
> change the default TeX Live installer to automatically use the
> above locations instead of the standard ones when running on Darwin.
> THus, if you do a new installation from current tlpretest, you should
> again find the above file.
> Hope that helps
> Norbert

Thanks all for the clarification: must have copied it 'forward' from an
earlier MacTeX-based set up (I set up TL'16 'directly').


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