[tex-live] tl17 pretest init

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Apr 19 14:37:10 CEST 2017

Dear Norbert --
> Dear Phil,
> It is with high probability the only one using Perl/TK. Mac users complained about the same visual incompatibilities, and a nice soul wrote a front end to tlmgr that adheres to the UX standards.
> Feel free to contribute your front end adhering to the Windows UX standards.  
If the front end were written in a language in which I felt confident, I would be more than happy so to do.  But if you can point me to the Apple Macintosh / UX front-end, I might feel inspired to try ...
>> It happened to me twice today; on the first occasion it finally
>> dismissed the box after eight or nine clicks; on the second, not even
>> 20 would suffice, so I had to resort to the [X] button.
> You installed TL two times?
No, I used "Cancel" (or tried to) because the over-type problem has caused a wrong path to appear ...
> Anyway, the reason is that there are IO intensive operations running that block the GUI responsiveness. Unpacking a big package takes time and CPU cycles, and unless the installer is not reprogrammed to use threads it will not be more responsive. So hitting cancel 20 times is like a small baby (my 1+ year old is in this phase now) who doesn't get immediately what she wants.
> Please try a bit of patience!
Well, I have never before encountered a "Cancel" button that did not have a near-immediate effect, so "try and try again" appeared the only option (until I resorted to [X]).
>> Is there any reason for that restriction ?  A 3-level hierarchy such as
>> C:\TeX\Live\2017 seems very logical to me, and allows the parallel
>> trees C:\TeX\Live\2016 and C:\TeX\Projects
> Yes, because we think two levels is enough.
I believe that T J Watson thought that three computers would satisfy the needs of the entire world.  A good job that his company (IBM) did not believe him
> In your case you only have to have c:/TeX bring available to get going.
> Enjoy
Thank you.  (I am delighted to report that XeTeX, at least, continues to function as I would wish).  But I have failed to move successfully "texmf-dist" to the location I would prefer (C:\TeX\Live\TeXMF\Dist)  without breaking everything, even after modifying C:\TeX\Live\2017\texmf.cnf"; is it possible ?

** Phil.

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