[tex-live] TeXlive 2016 mis-configured?

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Mon Apr 17 13:55:22 CEST 2017

Am 17.04.2017 um 12:45 schrieb Zdenek Wagner:
> 017-04-17 12:08 GMT+02:00 Andreas Scherer <andreas_tex at freenet.de
> <mailto:andreas_tex at freenet.de>>:
>     In order to make my installation of CWEBBIN override 'cwebmac.tex' in
>     the future, I also had to change 'generic' to 'plain' in the specfile.
> By definition
> tex/plain and subdirectories contain files intended for plain TeX,
> tex/generic contain files usable by any format and any engine. It is
> normal that a format/engine prefers more specific files to the generic
> files. This is the reason why plain TeX does not accept your "generic"
> file if a "plain TeX specific" file with the same name exists.
Then it is TeXlive who is storing 'cwebmac.tex' in the wrong place. ;o)

Don Knuth changed the 'Makefile' of CWEB 3.6 in May 2000 to install
'cwebmac.tex' in a 'generic' setting (although running it through LaTeX
is almost a no-op):

In CWEBBIN, I just followed the CWEB convention. For compatibility with
current TeXlive, I change CWEBBIN's behavior, but I wouldn't press DEK
to do the same in CWEB.


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