[tex-live] TeXlive 2016 mis-configured?

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Sun Apr 16 12:03:52 CEST 2017

Am 15.04.2017 um 14:49 schrieb Norbert Preining:
> Simple bottom line: If you want to replace a file, make sure that you
> place it in the very same hierarchy tree in TEXMFHOME or TEXMFVAR
That's the trick! So my TeXlive installation _was_ misconfigured in the
first place. After setting TEXMFHOME to "~/.texlive2016/texmf", finally
'tex' found its local stuff as expected.

Also, I was able to fix the installation settings in CWEBBIN:

Now the installation of CWEBBIN overrides 'cwebmac.tex' of TeXlive if
necessary (although attow both ship the same version).

Many thanks,

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