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Simone Mosciatti simone at mweb.biz
Mon Oct 24 10:36:33 CEST 2016

Hi All,

I am really sorry I didn't reply sooner.

The depth and precision of your answer was astonishing and very valuable 
for me.

I didn't want to install the tex libraries using the package manager 
because I needed to install them in an external drive.

I ended up changing the paths inside Texworks itself as you gentlemen 
suggest, I already tried to do so, but I was expecting that the path 
would have been checked recursively, it is not.

I want to iterate on how much I appreciate your deep and precise answers.


Simone Mosciatti

On 21/10/2016 20:31, Zdenek Wagner wrote:
> As Philip wrote, it is not a problem of TeXworks but ox *LaTeX 
> binaries. First you should preferably install LaTeX packages by your 
> packaging manager, i.e. apt-get if you have Debian TeX Live packages, 
> or tlmgr if you have TeX Live from TUG. These managers will 
> automatically put the files to the correct places and do all other 
> important actions. It may occasionally happen that you need a file 
> which is not available from the packaging system. In such a case you can:
> 1. If you intend to use the file with one document only, the best way 
> is to put it to the working directory of your document
> 2. If you plan to use it in several documents, put it to a directory 
> under $TEXMFLOCAL/tex/latex and then run mktexlsr. You will find the 
> real location of $TEXMFLOCAL by
> kpsewhich --var-value TEXMFLOCAL
> The most frequent problem of people having TeX Live from TUG is 
> setting of PATH. Linux usually installst its own TeX distribution 
> based on dependencies. Both distributions may then conflict. If you 
> have TeX Live from TUG and want to use it, you _must_ have its binary 
> directory at the _beginning_ of PATH. And this is not the only 
> requirement, it must be set properly. If you run tex from a terminal, 
> the setting is read from ~/.bashrc but if rou invoke tex from a GUI 
> such as TeXworks, the setings is read from ~/.bash_profile (it is not 
> a matter of TeX Live, it is defined this way in UNIX systems). You can 
> make a simple document hello.tex containing:
> \documentclass{article}
> \begin{document}
> Hello
> \end{document}
> Now run pdflatex hello from the terminal and save the log file. The 
> compile the same file from TeXworks. Compare the location of 
> article.cls in these two log files. If they are different, you have 
> this very problemm, GUI does not use the same PATH as the terminal. I 
> solve the problem by setting everything in ~/.bashrc only and my 
> ~/.bash_profile contains:
> if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
>         . ~/.bashrc
> fi
> Remember, if you change ~/.bashrc, you must reopen the terminal 
> window. If you change ~/.bash_profile, you must logout and login.
> Hope this helps.
> Zdeněk Wagner
> http://ttsm.icpf.cas.cz/team/wagner.shtml
> http://icebearsoft.euweb.cz
> 2016-10-21 18:13 GMT+02:00 Philip Taylor <P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk 
> <mailto:P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk>>:
>     Simone Mosciatti wrote:
>>     Hi Everybody,
>>     I have this fresh installation of TeXworks, version 0.6.1 from
>>     the apt repos.
>>     When I try to compile a simple letter examples it complains that
>>     some .sty are not present, stuff like:
>>     "booktabs.sty" or "paralist.sty", fair enough.
>>     I then proceded installing TexLive that should include pretty
>>     much everything.
>>     Since TexLive is way too huge, I decide to install everything in
>>     a /media partition.
>>     (My HD is divide in two, one part for routine stuff that I use
>>     day by day -> "/" and another part for the movies, pictures or
>>     old backups -> "/media")
>>     How do I tell TeXworks to looks for eveything it is looking for
>>     also in the "/media" partition?
>     TeXworks (/qua/ TeXworks) will not complain that files such as
>     "booktabs.sty" or "paralist.sty" are not present, since TeXworks
>     is concerned primarily with the location of executable images, not
>     style files.  It will be LaTeX (or one of its successors --
>     PdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX, LuaLaTeX, ...) that complains about such
>     things.  Therefore since you are using TeX Live, the question
>     would be better put on the TeX Live list -- tex-live at tug.org
>     <mailto:tex-live at tug.org> (cc'd).
>     Philip Taylor

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