[tex-live] koma-script and hyph-utf8

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Tue Mar 29 13:00:34 CEST 2016


>>      In the hyph-utf8 package, some .txt-files are empty.
>> That I don't know about.  Mojca, Arthur?
>    Yes, it is intentional.  The .txt files contain patterns and exception
> lists (as .pat.txt and .hyp.txt respectively), one by line; hence when
> there are none the file is empty (only relevant for exceptions, of
> course).  Not ideal, but that was the way it's been since we implemented
> plain text hyphenation data.

So the files are needed even if they are empty? May i insert a comment, 
to make it nonempty?
I ask because i want to build a package for my linux-distribution and 
the build-tool warns about emtpy files.

Regards Johannes

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