[tex-live] biblatex-biber-2.4 and Data::Uniqid-0.12

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Thu Mar 17 04:51:41 CET 2016

Apologies for straying off-topic [ I'm trying to build biber from
source, using system perl modules ], but I'm out of ideas where to
ask and hoping somebody here can give me a clue.

With biblatex-biber-2.4 Data::Uniqid is now essential, both for the
tests and at runtime.  But I cannot get the tests from
Data-Uniquid-0.12 to pass (there are four, the last one fails - it
should return 4 values but the second and third are zero, which is
apparently not acceptable).  And when I run biber no bibliographies
are produced - I'm guessing that the Data::Uniquid failing tests are
the likely cause of this.

This is on BLFS [ beyond linuxfromscratch ] using perl-5.22.1.
Almost all the links for failing tests in Data-Uniqid that google
apparently finds are either for failures in other packages as part
of a build where Data-Uniqid happened to be included, or are from
many years ago.

Clearly biber works for the developer (my memory says that he uses
osx), and Data-Uniqid appears to work in distros such as Fedora.  I
suppose what I really need is a "weird perl problems" list, if there
is one ?

Thanks for listening.

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