[tex-live] BibLatex issues after last upgrade

Angelo Graziosi angelo.graziosi at alice.it
Wed Mar 9 10:22:16 CET 2016

Il 09/03/2016 04:04, Ken Brown ha scritto:
> On 3/8/2016 7:09 PM, Angelo Graziosi wrote:
>> But, Phil, you wrote:
>>> I’m not surprised - this style is using internals which are not supposed
>>> to be exposed to anyone - there a *lot* of internal changes in version
>>> 3.3 to allow future expansion and features. That particular macro has
>>> been renamed to
>>> \ifblx at load@version at legacy
>>> The style author should be contacted.
>> This is obscure.. should we contact someone else?
> I assume Phil means the author of biblatex-philosophy, who is Ivan
> Valbusa (ivan dot valbusa at univr dot it) according to the README at
> https://www.ctan.org/pkg/biblatex-philosophy.

Ah, now is clear...

I wrote him just now!

Il 08/03/2016 23:02, Karl Berry ha scritto:
> Thanks for the report, but this is not a TL issue.

Yes, but I find hard to work with TL without a working biblatex {and 
friends) package..

Thanks, Angelo.

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