[tex-live] [PATCH] CWEB+XDvi (1/2): support for source specials

Richard M Kreuter kreuter at progn.net
Sat Jan 30 17:13:59 CET 2016

Hello TeX Live,

The attached modifies web2c's change file for cweave.w so that the the
woven intermediate .tex files contain a new notation for filenames and
line numbers at the beginnings of sections, and modifies cwebmac.tex to
recognize the new notation, all in order to include filenames and line
numbers in source specials in the .dvi for XDvi's forward and reverse
search features.

Would the web2c maintainers please let me know how such a feature
(either this implementation, or another) might get included?

Compatibility note: I've made the new feature default to off in both
cweave and cwebmac, but that's just for upward compatibility for the
improbable(?) case of someone using a cweave with my change and a
cwebmac without it. (The converse should work fine, however.) I don't
know what this project's policies are around upward compatibility of
individual pieces; if policy is that programs and dependencies will
always be found with the appropriate corresponding versions, then it
should be harmless to have this feature default to on in cweave (but not
in cwebmac, as there are third party programs that use cwebmac).

(Additionally, I should note that by inspection, simply inserting source
specials just before or just after the \N command sequence didn't work
very well for XDvi's forward and reverse search features: sometimes the
source special would end up on the wrong page, for example. This is why
I thought it necessary to modify the CWEB TeX macros the way I have.)

Finally, I've been using git-svn to track Build/source. If someone needs
this patch formatted differently for inclusion, please let me know.

Thank you,

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