[tex-live] does this actually download?

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sun Oct 18 04:45:03 CEST 2015

On 2015-10-18 at 00:40:36 +0000, ade walk wrote:

 > I have spent three hours trying to download this whatever it is
 > after I came across it in the discussion forum on a free MOOC
 > course I just joined this week to enable pdf format to be created
 > or viewed or something from RStudio when creating an sweave doc in
 > R.
 > I and another student were following along with the lesson the
 > lecturer had provided via edX and when the other student posted
 > error message the discussion offered the weblink to this to
 > download but all it did for me was crash my laptop three times and
 > when I turned off the virus security whilst this downloaded I got a
 > warning message the third time indicating I had acquired a Trojan
 > and that the mcaffee internet security had halted proceeding also
 > indicating this website was not a known site so not sure what that
 > is about.
 > So I am sending this email to relay to whoever looks at such
 > feedback so they are aware its a ruddy nightmare trying to download
 > on regular broadband and completely confusing annoying and resulted
 > in a Trojan due to turning off virus scanner whilst downloading
 > this as suggested by the site!  not impressed at all and wont
 > continue with that online course at its not what I expected from
 > Harvard via edX and really disappointing when thinking you are
 > going to learn about R programming what a joke!

Is this a question or a complaint?  If you expect an answer I suggest
to describe your problem in detail and ask for help *politely*.

BTW, problems with virus scanners are well known.  Some of them are
doing silly things and the only solution is to turn them off or to
install a better one.  Please don't blame the TeX Live team for these

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