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Sun Oct 18 02:40:36 CEST 2015

I have spent three hours trying to download this whatever it is after I came across it in the discussion forum on a free MOOC course I just joined this week to enable pdf format to be created or viewed or something from RStudio when creating an sweave doc in R.

I and another student were following along with the lesson the lecturer had provided via edX and when the other student posted error message the discussion offered the weblink to this to download but all it did for me was crash my laptop three times and when I turned off the virus security whilst this downloaded I got a warning message the third time indicating I had acquired a Trojan and that the mcaffee internet security had halted proceeding also indicating this website was not a known site so not sure what that is about.

So I am sending this email to relay to whoever looks at such feedback so they are aware its a ruddy nightmare trying to download on regular broadband and completely confusing annoying and resulted in a Trojan due to turning off virus scanner whilst downloading this as suggested by the site!  not impressed at all and wont continue with that online course at its not what I expected from Harvard via edX and really disappointing when thinking you are going to learn about R programming what a joke!

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