[tex-live] Suggested improvement for TexShop editor

zaslav at math.binghamton.edu zaslav at math.binghamton.edu
Tue Jul 21 00:05:39 CEST 2015

Hi.  I like TexShop.  The editor is a good editor.  I have one problem
with it that is ridiculous and annoying.  I use a MacBook with several
workspaces.  When I initially opened the Latex window in one workspace to
work on a Latex document, the Find window opened in that workspace.  Every
later time I open a Latex window, the Find window opens in that original
workspace, even if the Latex window is in a different workspace.  If I
close TexShop, it still remembers the workspace my Find window last opened
in, no matter what workspace I'm using for the current Latex job.  This
happens whether or not I have two Latex windows open in different
workspaces (or the same workspace).  So every time I use a different
workspace for TexShop I have to move the Find window by hand from the
previously used workspace to the current one (unless they happen to be the
same).  And if I have Latex open in two workspaces with two documents, i
constantly have to shift the Find window back and forth as I shift from
one document to the other.

What should happen is that a Find window opens in the currently active
workspace, i.e., the one with the document that opened the Find window. 
That's the basic fix.  A more advanced fix would allow separate Latex
windows to open separate Find windows, if they're in different workspaces,
so Find could be open for two jobs at once; but i can see that's more
complicated and it's much less important.

I hope something can be done about this.  It's been bugging me (pardon the
pun) for a looong time!

Thomas Zaslavsky
Binghamton University (SUNY)

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