[tex-live] inclusion of pdf figures in tex-live 2015

Georgios Akrivis akrivis at cs.uoi.gr
Mon Jul 13 17:41:23 CEST 2015

Dear Sirs,

I have a book written in XeLaTeX, in which I include both eps and pdf files.
(I created the pdf files -which are simply small figures- with LaTeX using an 
eps file, in order to take advantage of the psfrag package.)
I have been using tex-live on my Mac for several years now and there was
no problem at all. Now I downloaded the 2015 version of tex-live (until
recently I used tex-live 2014) and noticed that where I include a pdf file
all I get is a blank space of the size of the corresponding figure.

I use the package graphicx and, for example, the command


to include the pdf file sx4_1n.pdf in a figure environment.

Is there a remedy to this problem?

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Sincerely yours 

Georgios Akrivis

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