[tex-live] xdvi crashes

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Tue Feb 17 22:11:28 CET 2015

 >|> I've had reports that xdvi crashes when searching files
 >|> generated using musixtex.tex. I've confirmed this on
 >|> the attached (large) file. I wasn't able to confirm the
 >|> problem on smaller files. The issue arises after doing
 >|> Ctrl-f to do a search. If the search is unsuccessful,
 >|> xdvi crashes with the message
 >|> xdvi-xaw: Fatal error: currinf.set_char_p is not a
 >|>registered routine!
 >|> The binary is 2014/bin/i386-linux/xdvi.
 >|What is the output of "xdvi --version"? (without the

xdvik version 22.87 (Xaw toolkit)
Libraries: kpathsea version 6.2.0, freetype version 2.5.3

 >|I believe that this bug was fixed in xdvik 22.87; see
 >|sourceforge bug #388.

That seems to be a different bug with the same error
message. The example program given in the bug report
at sourceforge doesn't have the same problem with the
texlive-2014 version of xdvi.

Bob T.

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