[tex-live] A bug about using eps file in xelatex of TeX Live 2015

王东举 shuwei1204 at 163.com
Tue Apr 28 03:09:17 CEST 2015

I provide an example tex file in the attachment.

You're right, I might be a bug of Ghostscript 9.15 which is the version I am using.

And thank you for your advise to use pdf file directly. I didn't know that pdf file can be used directly by xelatex. 


在2015年04月28 06时41分, "Akira Kakuto"<kakuto at fuk.kindai.ac.jp>写道:

> Then I found that when I use xelatex to complie my tex documents with
> some eps files which are produced by Adobe Acrobat Pro 9(my eps file
> come from pdf files), some error will occur like follows

I have tested your AcrobatProduce.eps. My Ghostscript is 9.16.
There seems to be no problem here. See an attached epstest.tar.gz.
The problem must be concerned with Ghostscript.
Anyway, if you have pdf files, it is best to use them directly
in xelatex.


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