[tex-live] TeX Live and GNU FreeFont

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Wed Apr 15 19:49:50 CEST 2015

> I will shut down public access to the SVN of GNU FreeFont as soon as
> I get a chance.

This is a very bad idea.  Many people (including me) are following the
development with interest.

> We must be free to commit questionable changes, without fear that
> somebody will build them and release them to the public.

Well, this happens, and you can't do anything against that.  Instead
of `shutting down' I recommend that you create a `stable' branch that
holds `releasable' versions of the fonts.  The development branch
should be then explicitly declared as unstable (with a big fat README
explaining this in more detail).

> We do not want bug reports on half-completed, untested work.

Again, this is a bad idea.  You should rather ask reporters that they
(a) use a specific SVN version for testing, or (b) exactly specify the
used SVN version.


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