[tex-live] Duplicate Thai patterns reported by XeTeX in TL 2015pretest

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Tue Apr 14 13:47:17 CEST 2015

>> > (1) The difference from yesterday in the case of xelatex.fmt:
>> > xelatex.ini was updated for LaTeX2e <2015/01/01>, and now
>> > unicode-letters.def is used instead of the unicode-letters.tex.
>> > There is no problem here in the new LaTeX2e and xelatex.ini.
>> >
>> > (2) For xetex.fmt, nothing is changed.
>> > So it is strange if it was OK yesterday, but it is NG today.


I am off my mac laptop for some hours, and can not test further
until later today. I hope I have not been sending everyone offtrack.

To recapitulate, yesterday I had

1) the pretest from yesterday morning

2) fresh compiled binaries (for mac os x) from the tldevsrc svn trunk. 
I moved all binaries after generation to the bin/ of my TL2015 pretest

3) I then regenerated all formats and got no error message
(I did not check the log, perhaps there were some silent errors)

Today I had

1) the pretest from today morning

2) which includes the binaries for darwin 64 bits

I also tried to recompile the binaries but this changed nothing

I *think* I also tried (but that was 2 hours ago and had lunch
in between) with the yesterday (home compiled) xetex binary together
with the today TL2015, and I got the same Duplicated Pattern errors

This made me think indeed something external to xetex had changed
in between



> Ah. Missing entries in unicode-letters.def/tex could easily explain
> the behaviour we are seeing. It could be that the character
> immediately following "ก4ข" is not/no longer defined to be a letter
> (it might indeed be an accent or so).
> The changes between unicode-letters.tex and unicode-letters.def are
> too big to be able to diagnose anything quickly.
> Mojca

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