[tex-live] Docdir configure option not honoured

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Oct 31 23:29:08 CET 2014

Hi Andreas,

sorry for the late reply, I was on a meeting.

> Very nice, I did not know texdoc before. So if I understand things correctly,
> in case we create a completely separate directory with the documentation,
> we need to add it to the two variables
> in texmf.cnf? Or can we have two directories in TEXMFROOT?

	$data = /gnu/store/a45w3lck41242h4j4qxcz50vzmgpq9ih-texlive-2014-data
	$doc  = /gnu/store/ds0hpqkpjfbdwyngi3yv58vm1xiv46d9-texlive-2014-doc

I don't know what the layout would be - is $doc also TDS? or only the doc
part of texmf-dist?

In case it is a TDS, then you have
	TEXMFROOT = $data
then probably best is to adapt
	TEXMFDOCS = $TEXMF/doc//;!!$doc/doc//
	TEXMFDBS = {!!$doc,...}

mktexlsr will create a ls-R file in $doc since it uses TEXMFDBSto
determine which one.

If you want to go without ls-R there (not recommended, there are a lot
of documents!) then remove the !! and the entry in TEXMFDBS

If $doc is the texmf-dist/doc directory, then I *guess* it works the same
way, but I am not sure.

But simply set it up like you want, and then do some
	kpsewhich -show-path

Hope that helps


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