[tex-live] an issue with running dvipdfmx from a makefile

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Sat Oct 4 23:35:28 CEST 2014

Le 4 oct. 2014 à 23:28, Lars Madsen <daleif at math.au.dk> a écrit :

> Where exactly is tmp? As I read your file is should be a subdirectory. Does it exist? 

tmp was indeed in the big Makefile the name of a subdirectory which was destined
to be created
by rules containing commands like

	mkdir -p $(TMPDIR)/doc/generic/xint

I had at the top
TMPDIR = tmp (or rather in real it was "tempformake")

everything worked with no problem, inclusive of the creation of a package.tds.zip
and package.zip for CTAN, but dvipdfmx compilations ended up with these warnings

turns out that if I use

TEMPDIR = whatever


ONEDIR = whatever

there is no issue.

Example of problematic Makefile: (it had nothing to do with using script.sh therein)

TMPDIR = tmp  # JF B big mistake of assigning some value to TMPDIR, which must be a reserved thing

test: latex dvipdfmx

	latex temp

	dvipdfmx temp

> Would 
> chmod u+X script.sh && ./script.sh 
> Be better, then script is not attempted if chmod fails. 

thanks for that.  I had && originally but figured that chmod could not fail.

+X would not work, my file extracted from the dtx has no x bit, I though X would
only extend an existing x bit.


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> Le 4 oct. 2014 à 23:05, jfbu <jfbu at free.fr> a écrit :
> > TMPDIR = tmp
> > 
> > test:
> >        chmod u+x script.sh; ./script.sh
> I picked up the word TMPDIR by sheer bad luck, if I 
> choose anything else like
> # contents of makefile
> ATMPDIR = tmp
> test:
>         chmod u+x script.sh; ./script.sh
> # end of contents
> there is no issue.
> (here $(ATMPDIR) is never used, but it was needed in the big Makefile)
> Obviously there is something important with TMPDIR and I did not have
> the right to use it.
> I am sorry about the fuss.
> Best regards
> Jean-Francois

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