[tex-live] xdvipdfmx and ghostscript 9.15

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Sun Nov 23 23:34:55 CET 2014


on the fr.comp.text.tex mailing list an issue has been raised
today by user unbonpetit 

<news:5470c1c9$0$2312$426a34cc at news.free.fr>

The mwe is:

Essai : \pspicture(1,1)\pspolygon(0,0)(0,1)(1,1)(0,0)\endpspicture{} puis suite.

The problem arises when using xelatex (either in PDF output mode, or doing
first an .xdv file then xdvipdfmx on it): the triangle does not show up in 
the pdf.

The problem arises with ghostscript 9.15 is installed but not with 9.10 nor 

Even with gs 9.15, there is no problem via latex+dvips+gs, it is only
the xelatex road which has a problem.

Does the xdvipdfmx binary need to be compiled in a certain way to be
compatible with ghostscript 9.15?

Best wishes,


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