[tex-live] What is the right way to include eps in latex for pdf generating?

bnb at ams.org bnb at ams.org
Mon Nov 10 21:43:21 CET 2014

just one comment, not necessarily
relevant to the current conversation:

    Many journals (and conference organizers) use ancient technologies,
    with the philosophy "if it isn't broken, don't fix it". So they would
    stick with dvi and latex 2.09 forever anyway. I don't think you want
    to follow their lead.

that's not the reason to stick with dvi.
by the time a graphic gets embedded in
a pdf file, it is, in the words of one
of my colleagues, "just hamburger".
it can't be easily identified in situ.

it's possible to vet an .eps file via
an automatic procedure, in the context
of its tex surroundings, to check that
 - lines aren't so thin that they will
   be obliterated when a plate is made
   for the press;
 - scaling of the graphic hasn't caused
   any other undesirable effects;
 - colors have been rendered using cmyk
   rather than rgb conventions;
 - grayscaling has been applied properly
   and in suitable steps so that all
   parts of a graphic (usually a chart
   or diagram) can be interpreted
 - fonts are embedded correctly.

as for latex 2.09, that's long gone from
our production stream.  but we haven't
found any alternative, other than manual
inspection (expensive and error-prone),
to the programmed check of .eps files
that gives as reliable results.  if you
have something to suggest, please do.
						-- bb

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