[tex-live] What is the right way to include eps in latex for pdf generating?

Askar Safin safinaskar at mail.ru
Sat Nov 8 23:09:28 CET 2014

Hi. Sorry for my previous "bug report", it is not bug report at all, because one should not use \usepackage[dvips]{graphicx} and then use pdflatex.
And now I want to report some real bug: tools epstopdf, ps2pdf, eps2eps (and pdflatex) cannot work with eps images created by mpost.
Steps: http://paste.debian.net/130920 .

Also, now I (using http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Importing_Graphics ) finally understand what is the right way to include mpost-generated eps images to latex/pdf. It is following:
* If you use Debian, install "texlive-font-utils" package to make sure epstopdf/repstopdf is installed
* \usepackage{graphicx} % without any square brackets
* \includegraphics{graphic.eps} % "graphic.1" doesn't work, you should rename graphic.1 to graphic.eps
* Just "pdflatex doc.tex"
But unfortunately this doesn't work thanks to bug I reported few lines above :(

Method suggested by Mojca Miklavec works for me. Thanks, Mojca :) The method is:
* mptopdf graphic.mp
* \usepackage{graphicx}
* \includegraphics{graphic-1}
* Just "pdflatex doc.tex"

Askar Safin
Kazan, Russia

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