[tex-live] [BUG] Upgrade-Description

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Jun 29 02:49:38 CEST 2014


On Sat, 28 Jun 2014, moonkid at posteo.org wrote:
> The description how to upgrade from 2013 to 2014 is buggy.

No, it is not.

> It is not clear which of the command need be run as root. And in point

Irrelevant. It has to be done as the user who installed TeX Live.

If you did install it as root, you have to do the upgrade procedure
as root. If you did it as normal user, you have to do that.
In both cases it is the user who installed it.

End of the discussion.

> of that it doesn't respect the fact, that "user" and "root" have
> different PATH variables. Because of that...
> Some command/scripts doesn't work as root because the binarys (e.g.
> kpsewhich) are not found.
> Some command/scripts doesn't work as user.

That is the reason why we write clearly at the top:
	If you have any doubts, please do a new installation instead of blindly proceeding here. 

If you don't know aobut unix permissions, path settings, who installed
etc etc, don't complain.

Go the *EASY* way and install a TL2014.

> 2.
> On point 8 it is not enough description of what the commands there do.
> What is kpsewhich? Ok, now I know. TEXMFSYSCONFIG give the wrong string
> back. "texmf-config" doesn't work here. The "web2c" directory is under
> "texmf-dist".

Again, why don't you trust us?
	If you have any doubts, please do a new installation instead of blindly proceeding here.

> Please fix it. It costs me hours of work to upgrade.

Your fault. A new installation would have taken you 20min of
unattended computer running ..

And BTW, if that was "hours" then you *really* should *not* have
started in the beginning, since probably the first clause already 
applied to you:
	Copy the whole directory 2013 to 2014, preserving symbolic links; for example:
	cp -a 2013 2014
	If you don't understand this, stop here and do a regular installation.


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