[tex-live] several bug reports (beamer, hyperref, listings)

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Jun 29 02:37:21 CEST 2014

Hi Ulrike,

thanks for testing, but ...

> > \documentclass[hyperref={pagelabels=false}]{beamer}
> Didn't work in TL13 either. The name of the option is pdfpagelabels:

Huu? I have to reinstall 2013 ... I have about 15 files haveing this
code in there from as early as 2013 where I gave courses.

I tried now with TL 2012 as in Debian, and there was *no* problem
with haveing
and I am *really* sure that is also worked in 2013, as I have loads
of pdfs generated from that code.

Are you really sure that it didn't work on 2013?

> > * listings
> > ==========
> > ! Missing { inserted.
> > <inserted text> 
> >                 {
> > l.7 \end{tabular}

> Doesn't work in TL13. Don't forget grabbing arguments isn't easy for

Yeah, it was introduced in 2014-04 so it made it into the final 2013
tlnet version.


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