[tex-live] TL2014: changes in latexmk/dvips?

Andreas Hirsch cursus.publicus at sacrumromanumimperium.org
Wed Jun 18 13:36:35 CEST 2014

Hi all,

two days ago I did a fresh install of TL2014 and everything worked well.

Today a run my first update and got a problem using dvips via latexmk

I'm using the attached configuration which worked well until today.

As far as I cab imagine, the behaviour of dvips changed and so no direct
pdf-output is generated from the dvi-file.

The message is:

Output written on e_m8_3_9L.dvi (2 pages, 13572 bytes).
SyncTeX written on e_m8_3_9L.synctex.gz.
Transcript written on e_m8_3_9L.log.
Latexmk: Log file says output to 'e_m8_3_9L.dvi'
Rule 'ps2pdf': The following rules & subrules became out-of-date:
Run number 1 of rule 'ps2pdf'
Running 'ps2pdf   "e_m8_3_9L.ps" "e_m8_3_9L.pdf"'
Latexmk: applying rule 'ps2pdf'...
For rule 'ps2pdf', running '&do_viewfile(  )' ...
Error: /undefinedfilename in (e_m8_3_9L.ps)

ps2pdf could not work, because no ps-file is generated

Whats going wrong?

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