[tex-live] texlive-latex-base: \today command prints wrong month for June in Russian

Ivan Tsybulin tsybulin at crec.mipt.ru
Mon Jun 2 15:33:42 CEST 2014


The russianb.ldf file of the babel package has two sections related to
\today date definition. In unicode mode (i.e. when \if at uni@ode is true)
\today has "июня" for June for modern russian and "іюня" for ancient 
russian, which are correct values. But when \if at uni@ode is false the 
values are

\cyrii\cyryu\cyrn\cyrya (іюня)

for modern and

\cyri\cyryu\cyrn\cyrya (июня)

for ancient respectively.
Using \languageattribute{russian}{ancient} fixes the date, but breaks 
every other string like Table of Contents (Содержание becomes 
Содержаніе) and etc.

Fix is quite trivial. Just swap June and July lines for ancient and 
modern versions:




Ivan Tsybulin
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