[tex-live] Serious (?) problem with Babel and language attributes

Kuznetsov A.N. pm_kan at mail.ru
Mon Jun 2 17:27:12 CEST 2014


As Ulrike already said, the problem with Russian is in mistype in the else
branch of \if at uni@ode (\cyri should be used in modern version and \cyrii in
ancient, you can compare with version `russianb 2008/03/21 v1.1r Russian support
from the babel system` that is used in MikTeX and works fine).

PS: it's all OK with 'я' at the end, it's a genitive form, as Zdeněk described
(no need to fix it).
PPS: I've written a letter with a link to this thread to maintainer (Igor A.
Kotelnikov), hope he'll fix it soon.
Best regards,
 Kuznetsov Andrey

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