[tex-live] texlive 2014 Comments. -- Overly complex and difficult to install on RedHat/Fedora !!

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Thu Aug 7 12:51:35 CEST 2014

> OK, but this is not a TeX Live problem, this is a Redhat
> problem (same in CentOS).

Not really. You can't expect Redhat/CentOS to support other
distributions of TeX, even the one from which they build
their own distribution.

What one needs on these systems is a "dummy" texlive package
which claims to provide everything that TL itself provides.
Then the yum installer doesn't install its own texlive
packages as dependencies for non-texlive packages.

The following is a spec file that works for me; you may need
to add additional Provides lines if you try to install a
package that has other texlive dependencies.  

Use it by applying rpmbuild -bb to it and installing the
resulting package.

Bob T.

Name: texlive-dummy
Version: 1
Release: 1%{?dist}
Summary: Dummy TeXLive package
License: GPLv2 and BSD and Public Domain and LGPLv2+ and GPLv2+ and LPPL
Group: Applications/Publishing
BuildRoot: %(mktemp -ud %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-XXXXXX)
Provides: texlive > 2007
Provides: texlive-afm > 2007
Provides: texlive-context > 2007
Provides: texlive-dvips > 2007
Provides: texlive-dviutils > 2007
Provides: texlive-east-asian > 2007
Provides: texlive-latex > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-afm > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-context > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-doc > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-dvips > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-east-asian > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-errata > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-errata-afm > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-errata-context > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-errata-doc > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-errata-dvips > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-errata-east-asian > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-errata-fonts > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-errata-latex > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-errata-xetex > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-fonts > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-latex > 2007
Provides: texlive-texmf-xetex > 2007
Provides: texlive-utils > 2007
Provides: texlive-xetex > 2007
Provides: tetex tetex-fonts tetex-dvips tetex-latex tetex-dvipost tetex-xdvi tex(tex) tex(latex) tex(dvips) config(texlive) 
Dummy texlive package to allow installation of the standard distribution

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