[tex-live] tlmgr invokes cc on OS X

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Oct 29 08:17:28 CET 2013

On Mo, 28 Okt 2013, Adam R. Maxwell wrote:
> I can do that, but I'm not sure which one to set; running
> 'tlmgr platform list' on my machine, I have
> (i) universal-darwin
> […]
> (i) x86_64-darwin
> Of the two, which would be best?

It only boils down to whether you have tar and xz for one of
the arch. The architecture is *only* important for selecting
the right xz (and tar) from the list of shipped ones in
If both can be run, it does not change.

You might ask why we do not ship xz and xzdec in the normal
bin directory together with the other binaries.

I guess that we do not want to override the system xz in this

At the moment our setup routines doe smore or less the following
* determine the platform
* check that the xz/tar/etc *we* ship is working
* if this does not work, search for a system provided one

One *could* (I am not sure we want - we would have to discuss that
with Karl) reverse the order in the sense that we
* check if system provided xz/xzdec etc works
* if not determine platform
* test our progs

In this case the platform code would *still* be called if there is 
no system xz, but not otherwise.

> > If there is a different and save way to get the platform name on
> > Apple, let me know. We trued a lot of different things, but none
> > of them worked on all supported archs/os combinations.
> Not a portable way. Using sysctl might give what you're looking for

I remember that Mojca tried a lot, but it never gave enough

I guess we have to add more and more exceptions to have config.guess
not run for Mac...


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