[tex-live] Babel 3.9g is installed but tlmgr thinks its 3.9f

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Oct 29 00:03:18 CET 2013

    LaTeX2e <2011/06/27>
    Babel <3.9f> and hyphenation patterns for 78 languages loaded.

Unless I'm completely in left field, this string is constructed when the
.fmt file is built, rather than dynamically on every LaTeX run.  (That's
why you don't see any other files being read before it is output.)
Therefore the version reported there will differ depending on what you
had at the time of the .fmt.

babel.sty and the rest get (re)read later, on every run, due to the
\usepackage.  So, Javier, maybe it would be better to omit the version
number in the .fmt string, for the sake of less confusion?

Aside: the Catalogue still has 3.9f (http://ctan.org/pkg/babel), which
is where TL gets the administrative data.  I'm sure Robin/CTAN have been
busy of late and the update there will come in due course.


P.S. I'll be offline for the rest of the week; good luck to all :).

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