[tex-live] linting the tlpdb

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Nov 24 00:29:50 CET 2013

Hi Edd,

    a linter for the texlive tlpdb

It seems you have reinvented some of the functionality of tlmgr check,
plus some, minus some :).

    Manual pages are not categorised as docfiles:

Thanks, will see about changing those.

    Win32 binaries which are not binfiles:

It's intentional.  These files exist in both bin/win32 and the context
dir, because I thought it was actually clearer/better that way.

    These files are absent in the texlive tree:

Also intentional.  These are present on the DVD, not the distribution.
They are listed in 00texlive.image.tlpsrc.  Your script didn't find them
all, by the way.

    These files look like manuals in the wrong path:

These are also intentionally copied and present in both places, or
intentionally not installed in the man tree.


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