[tex-live] eps inclusion by dvipdfmx and xdvipdfmx

Akira Kakuto kakuto at fuk.kindai.ac.jp
Sat Nov 23 00:37:43 CET 2013

Dear Michal,

> I've come into inconsistent behavior of XeLaTeX in TeX Live 2009 and TeX Live 2013. 
> I've described it in more detail at Stackexchange [1]. To be honest, I don't understand
> what's going under the hood (i.e. xetex.def) but I guess it may refer to this list's thread [2].
> As I mentioned at SX, I don't know whether this behavior different to previous version _and_ pdflatex is a bug or a feature.

If a line
%%Creator: MetaPost ...
is found in an eps, the eps is treated differently
without using Ghostscript.
The new xetex.def and dvipdfmx.def must be inconsistent
with mpost.c: the code for MetaPost eps.
It seems that developers should rewrite mpost.c,
and/or xetex.def and dvipdfmx.def.

As a quick workaround, please erase the line
%%Creator: MetaPost 1.803
from your eps. Then you'll obtain a desired result.

PS: The old xetex.def, dvipdfmx.def and dvipdfmx.cfg could include
    MetaPost eps with negative BoundingBox correctly,
    however they could not include "ordinary" eps
    with negative BoundingBox correctly.


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