[tex-live] Where is the root dir of my Tex Live installation

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On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 4:14 AM, Gerald Pechoc <ubuntu at pechoc.eu> wrote:

> I want to be compatible with my office computer, where 2013 on a MAC is
> installed.
> I am not a beginner in Latex, but I am not a very educated Unix Admin.
> Gerald

You will find that a small effort to learn basic POSIX concepts (OS X and
draw on POSIX standards) will pay off in the long run with OS X as well as
if only because the shell makes it easier to provide details of problems in
form than can be pasted into email.  For linux, you can easily have both
Ubuntu TL packages and a current CTAN TL, and switch back and forth as

Your original problem most likely has a simple fix, but without some
of the required concepts it is difficult for you to provide enough detail
in your posts to and
also difficult for you to understand or carry out the suggestions of those
trying to help.

As others have mentioned, even using the same version of TL on different
there can still be differences in fonts and other software used by TL.
Whether an
older TL will work for you depends on the nature of your workload and
whether you
require documents compiled on linux to give identical output to those
compiled on
OS X.  If you already have a working TL installation on linux your best
strategy may
to to conduct test with some existing documents to see if if meets your

On 2013-11-17 00:46, Norbert Preining wrote:

> the sad thing is that ubuntu's current lts release offers tl 2009, only.
> Umpf, ok, that is bad.
> But the OP problem I still believe that *this* is not a problem.
> He seems to be a complete beginner. For those people 2009 vs 2013
> does not change much.
> Norbert
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